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Matt urges Dinah to forget about what she did and concentrate on having a great life with her husband. Remy tells a jailed Cyrus that she's his attorney now.

When Rick asks his father how long he intends to be in Springfield, Ed assures him it will be a few weeks and maybe longer.

Alan overhears Phillip ordering someone to keep something secret.

He confronts Ed about what Phillip may be planning but when the doctor won't say anything, Alan guesses Rick knows his buddy's secret.

Phillip tells Ed he's turning down the experimental treatment because he "really needs these two months" and doesn't want to take a chance he'll die sooner.

Frank and Buzz learn that some of Coop's things are still in his locker at school. Buzz is brought to tears as he goes through the box and finds photos and more of Jenna.

He reads a note from Coop in which he states that he's getting to know the woman his father loved and is curious to see "Jenna Bradshaw Project" written numerous times.

He shows some of it to Cyrus who reminds Buzz that Coop had spent at least six months writing a book at the time of his death.

Mallet brings Marina to the dumpster where he placed the stroller and confesses that he was so upset, he smashed it into pieces.

She escorts him to various places involving the murder as they search for clues that might prove her innocence.

Dinah runs into them and is surprised to hear that the murder case is still an open investigation.

As they shop, Marina remembers that she was shopping the day of the murder and can use her time-stamped receipts to clear her name. Surprising Cyrus and Mel, Buzz posts his bail.

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