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Cyrus stops outside of Springfield. Three miles out, he advises his lady friend that their target is moments away.

After Phillip tells James and Mr. Banning that he's interested in his son's new investment deal, the "client" leaves.

Eyeing the phony ID for Steven Merrill that Daisy made for his son, Phillip sends her on her way and then blasts his son for getting into more trouble, this time with Daisy.

He reminds him that he may be going to jail for what he did and wonders who will bail him out the next time.

Phillip is astounded when James reminds his father that "you owe me."

Phillip contends that going to jail for him makes them even but James doesn't necessarily see it that way.

He insists that James give up this terrible plan.

When Blake stops by to take Frank to look at apartments, both Buzz and Rafe ask if he's looking for a roommate.

Clayton advises Remy that the bank refused to give him anymore time so now he and Felicia may lose the house. Remy makes a call to Mr. Doyle to sell the diamonds he found near Edmund's body.

While sitting at Coop's grave having a chat, Buzz is surprised when Cyrus appears and admits he never expected to see him again.

Claiming that Grady is still missing and probably wants to stay hidden, Cyrus explains that Springfield is the only place that has felt like home to him.

Cyrus and Daisy reunite and he claims she's better off without his brother. Olivia advises Natalia that Rafe can't be a cop because he's a felon.

Natalia's uncomfortable when Father Ray asks whether she's told her son about her new relationship and guesses that she hasn't because she knows it's wrong.

Natasha calls Cyrus about her schedule but he asks for more time.

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