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Henry explains to Mallet and Marina that they need blood for baby Henry. Dinah and Shayne run into them and learn about the rare blood ailment.

Shayne assures them they'll find the right match.

Later, he advises Dinah that he intends to donate his own blood and insists that she not tell them. Jeffrey reminds Josh that his and Reva's children are grown and now, Reva has a baby with him.

Insisting Edmund is taken care of, he orders Josh to stay away from Reva and vows to knock him out if he sees him with her.

Unimpressed, Josh insists that Reva is still in danger and vows to protect her. As he walks away, Reva pleads with him to come back so they can talk about this.

Once Josh leaves, Jeffrey blames Reva for this trouble and accuses her of being unable to let Josh go. Matt listens to Josh describe his frustration over Reva.

He tells his friend that moving away might be the only solution to his problem. He offers to help Josh meet some new women.

Later, Reva demands an apology from Jeffrey. He assures her that things will get better and claims that she aced her blood test earlier.

Surprising her with a book of spas around the world, Olivia suggests to Natalia that they travel together from one to the next.

Hearing Ava's having second thoughts about moving to San Francisco, Olivia decides to go see her daughter, leaving Emma with Natalia.

After Mallet advises Dinah about the "guardian angel" who donated the perfect blood, Henry accuses Dinah of tipping Marina off about his donated blood.

Dinah overhears the doctor assure Mallet and Marina that Henry will be fine. Josh tells Shayne that he needs to find Edmund so Shayne offers to ride shotgun.

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