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Josh thanks Shayne for coming along to Italy. He explains he must ensure Edmund is no longer a threat.

Shayne confides that he and Dinah had a fight before he left Springfield.

When Josh gets a call about a patient at a nearby hospital, he confirms to Shayne that it may be Edmund and that he isn't expected to make it through the night.

The two head to the hospital where the nurse removes some of the bandages on the patient's face. Josh realizes the dying man is not Edmund but is actually Roc Hoover.

Jeffrey and Reva welcome Dinah to brunch at their place.

After Dinah reveals that Shayne left town and offers to beg off the brunch, Reva invites her to stay and suggests they talk about Shayne behind his back.

Reva asks what she did to upset her son.

Marina interrupts with baby Henry and reveals that the blood transfusion worked, saving her son's life. Jeffrey comments on what would have happened to Ava if she had had a similar problem.

After Buzz gives her a hard time about her friendship with James, Daisy overhears James on the phone trying to use his canceled credit cards to book a flight. She asks her friend what she can do to help him.

He asks if she has enough money for the two of them to leave town. Daisy asks if he's in trouble so he downplays what has happened, suggesting that he just has some family issues. Daisy refuses to go.

Josh calls Jeffrey to tell him about Roc. Shayne calls Dinah but she decides not to answer it.

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