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Jeffrey advises Reva that they have lost track of Edmund. She says Josh was right about him and that he tried to warn them.

Reva advises Josh that she is cancer free.

She announces to Josh and Jeffrey that she is not going to live her life in fear of Edmund and Josh agrees.

Shayne returns to see Dinah and eventually ends up back in bed with her where they discuss doing what's best for Henry.

Remy calls the police after finding Edmund's lifeless body in a stream and realizes that CPR can't help the dead man.

Mallet arrives and questions Remy who later finds Edmund's coat and a small bag of diamonds which he keeps.

Mallet calls Dinah with the news and she tells Shayne, suggesting that it's best for everyone that he is gone.

Pointing out that Edmund was after him, Shayne tells Dinah that he didn't kill Edmund. Dinah claims she's not concerned.

Shayne then calls Josh who advises Jeffrey and Reva. Repeating that they are safe now, Reva insists on going to see Shayne.

Instead, Reva heads to the stream and watches as the body is removed.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey and Josh wonder where each of them was earlier.

Josh hints that he may go away for awhile and assures Jeffrey he'll let him be with Reva. Remy hands Mallet Edmund's overcoat and tells him about the voices he and Christina heard during their picnic.

Remy then returns to Christina and tells her what happened. Mallet asks Shayne to ID the body.

The coroner determines that Edmund was dead before he was in the water.

Reva returns to Jeffrey and admits that she had to see for herself that Edmund was dead. He promises her that he'll make sure this entire nightmare is over.

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