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Phillip waits for a meeting with a loan officer. As he does, he sees huge headlines about Edmund's body being found.

Phillip later talks with Paul the officer about his big plans for development but is told his loan application was turned down because of his stint in prison.

Phillip tells Beth about their son's financial problems.

Lizzie and Bill look at the calendar to find the perfect day to get married and he chooses sometime in the fall.

Though she tries talking about Colin, Reva senses Jeffrey's holding back and urges him to ask her if she killed Edmund.

Admitting she saw Edmund, Reva tells her husband that she didn't kill him but actually offered him a deal to keep quiet about seeing him if he left town and never came back.

She asks Jeffrey if he knew Edmund was in town. Suggesting that Edmund's death could be an accident, Frank warns Mallet that he's jumping the gun in thinking he was murdered.

After thanking Frank for getting him reinstated, Mallet stops by to see Jeffrey and asks if he and Reva could answer some questions about Edmund's death.

After Reva claims she was playing miniature golf at the time Edmund's body was found, Jeffrey denies seeing Edmund that day.

Later, Jeffrey warns Reva they need to get their stories correct.

James complains to Daisy that Phillip picked his favorite again and it wasn't him. She gets him to reveal that he created a Ponzi scheme and needs cash fast.

He decides to sell Alan's antique car and afterwards, Daisy offers to help him with his financial scheme. Pleased, he kisses her.

When Olivia fails to chastise Natalia for making a huge mistake with a booking at the Beacon, Natalie warns her about treating her different from any other employee.

Later, Frank finds Natalia and Olivia together in the park and mentions Rafe's upcoming hearing.

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