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While visiting his therapist, Hannibal continues with his plans for Alana.

Jack thinks the Chesapeake Ripper is back, but Will believes crime they're investigating is committed by someone else.

Hannibal is visited by a patient who wants to be his friend.

Hannibal visits his psychiatrist and wants to be her friend.

Hannibal asks Will if they are truly doctor and patient or merely having conversations.

Hannibal goes out of his way to stock his refrigerator.

A killer is caught, but it's not the Chesapeake Ripper.

Ironically, Hannibal saves the murderer's last victim.

Hannibal serves his special meal.

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Hannibal Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Jack: Tell me how you see The Ripper Will.
Will: I see him as one of those pitiful things sometimes born in hospitals. They feed it, keep it warm, but they don't put it on machines. They let it die. But he doesn't die. He looks normal. Nobody can tell what he is.

I am a source of stability and clarity, Franklin, I am not your friend.