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The Hart of Dixie pilot didn't waste any time setting up the show's premise: due to her poor bedside manner, Dr. Zoe Hart was denied a residency at a NYC hospital and given no choice but to spend a year in Bluebell, Alabama.

Once there, the show introduced us to...

- George Tucker, a local lawyer who spent some time in New York but then returned to his southern roots. He appears to have feelings of some kind for Zoe, but is engaged to...

- Lemon Breeland, who comes across as your basic southern belle. Isn't sure what to make of Zoe at first and clearly has a secret romantic past with...

- Lavon Hayes, a former NFL linebacker and the mayor of Bluebell. Kind and friendly and lets Zoe live in one of his property's houses, next door to...

- Wade Kinsella, a local playboy and free spirit. Hooks up with Zoe briefly in a car as she struggle with adjusting to her new surroundings.

- These surroundings include sharing a practice with Brick Breeland, Lemon's father. He isn't happy that Zoe is in town.

But Zoe proves herself by helping a woman give birth and starts to like the town a bit. She's also inspired to stay when her demanding mother reveals a secret: Zoe's real father was the late Harley Wilkes, the doctor who left this practice to her in his will.

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