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Tonight's Heroes episode succeeded because it followed one constant narrative: the gathering/recruitment of Heroes to Pinehearst. Let's see how it went...

Hiro/Ando: We immediately learn that Hiro didn't actually kill Ando last week because he stopped time and found a fake sword in order to fake the murder and put himself on the proper side with Knox and the villains. This new, supposedly Hiro then gets his first assignment: tracking down the African painter.

Once Hiro and Ando teleport to Africa, they have trouble making their recruiting pitch to the Africa. He can see the future, after all. Eventually, though, they outsmart the man and sneak up on him inside his tent... only for the man to say he has been waiting for them and they are now ready to follow their own path; he shows them a painting that depicts a few villains and the Pinehearst symbol.

Parkman: This hero gets off his plane, intent on finding Daphne (because she's his soulmate and he must protect her, per his dreams). As luck - or her latest assignment, in reality - has it, Daphne is there waiting for him. Parkman doesn't play hard to get. He goes off about his visions, about their future as a couple and about how she should stay and he can keep her safe.

Daphne seems to consider this, as she basically tells Parkman now to go to Pinehearst because the people there are too evil. But she won't stay with him, either, as it appears her boss (Arthur Petrelli) has something on her. Parkman is left standing at the airport by himself.

Arthur Petrelli: In the very beginning of the episode, he summons Adam Monroe and grabs hold of his arm. Bye, bye, Adam! With this clutching, Arthur takes Adam's life, transfers it to his own and fully rises from the hospital bed. We think Adam was vastly underused and will miss him, but this was a cool scene.

Claire: Claire and her adopted mother go to save Meredith from Eric Doyle, the mimic that makes anyone follow his actions/orders. The idea of making Meredith into some hero we're supposed to care about seems forced and fake, but this Doyle character is pretty creepy and cool!

Claire, her mother and Meredith are forced to play a game of Russian Roulette, which ends with Claire being shot... and then sneaking up on Doyle because he thought she was dead. HRG is then called in to help clean up the mess and asks Meredith if she wants to join him as a partner.

Tracy/Nathan: These two head to Mohinder's in order to see if he can help take away Tracy's abilities. But the newly inspired, evil Mohinder drugs them instead and ties them up in his room of death. Just as it seems as though Tracy and Nathan are about to meet their end, Tracey freezes Mohinder (but doesn't kill him) and breaks herself and Nathan free.

Sylar/Peter: Sylar awakens Peter from his medically-induced coma in order to show him the state of their mother. She is also in a coma, but this one was courtesy of her scary dream of an alive Arthur Petrelli. Peter wants to head to Pinehearst in order to confront the villains - and whatever the new, strong Peter wants, he gets, overpowering Sylar in the way.

At Pinehearst, Arthur is with Daphne, Knox and their band of villains. In walks Peter. He's shocked to see his father, who he figured was dead. But Peter is about to be in for an even bigger shock: when Arthur hugs his won, he takes his abilities. Uh-oh.

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Heroes Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

You're father always said, "one of us, one of them." I'm the 'one of us.'

Mrs. Bennet

Daphne: It's not easy chasing a pre-cog.
Hiro: Why's that?
Daphne: They see you coming.