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With just a few episodes remaining in this volume, let's review this installment of Heroes, character-by-characters...

The Parkman/Hiro/Ando storylines converge: Parkman is focused on revenge. He tracks down Danko by getting into his mind and forcing him to visit the person that means the most to him; this ends up being a former Russian call girl. She thinks Danko's name is Jacob and that he has some family in Chicago. Parkman eventually convinces her that this is not the case and follows her to Danko's apartment.

Once there, he comes oh so close to killing the woman that Danko loves... but he can't bring himself to do it. Once Parkman lowers his guard, Danko grabs a gun and shoots. But Hiro stops time and intervenes! He and Ando, and baby Matt Parkman, had been crossing the country to find Older Parkman. Once Hiro takes Older Parkman away from the scene, he shows him his baby. This inspires Parkman to re-focus his energy on being a hero, not seeking revenge.

Suresh reunites with his father... sort of: At his dad's former apartment, Mohinder comes across a folder that talks about Coyote Sands. We'll learn more about this later. Mohinder spends the hour trying to determine his father's connection to this location.

HRG has serious family issues: HRG determines that Sylar is not actually dead and has, instead, taken on the ability of a shape shifter. HRG comes to this realization after Sylar pretends to be Sandra and serves him with divorce papers. From here on out, HRG is majorly messed up. He confronts the actual Sandra - thinking she is Sylar - and holds a gun to her head, until he's proven wrong. But this royaly pisses off his wife, of course, who asks him to stay away from her.

Now, HRG has a mission: track down and kill Sylar. He tries to do so, threatening Danko to assist him.... but in a complicated storylines HRG ends up thinking he murdered one of Danko's men. In reality, it was just a ploy by Danko and Sylar - and it's got HRG on the run. He's a mess, he doesn't know what is real and he leaves Sandra a voicemail basically saying he's taking off somewhere. Where? We're about to find out.

Angela, Peter, Nathan and Claire have an awkward family reunion: Angela takes Peter to Coyote Sands, where she says they must learn about the past before they can change the future. Soon, Nathan and Claire fly in and they all begin to dig. Just as HRG pulls up in his car, the group digs up a series of skeletons. What the heck happened here? Looks like we'll find out next week!

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Heroes Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

HRG: Claire is safe. You know how this works: the less you know, the better.

It's time everyone knew the truth.