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Brody continues to have trouble dealing with civilian life to the point that he hides in the corner of his bedroom when everyone else leaves the house.  When a reporter comes onto his property, Brody punches him in the throat and walks into the woods.  He walks all the way to the woods, where he buys a prayer rug.  He returns home, and at the crack of dawn he goes to the garage and prays to Allah.  Later that day he dresses in military uniform and greets the press with a smile.


Saul gets Carrie a warrant to keep her surveillance on Brody going.  She then gets a call from her asset, Lynn Reed, who was working as a professional girlfriend to a Saudi Prince.  The two meet up so that Lynn can tell Carrie that she saw Abu Nazir in person a few days ago.  Carrie is now all hands on deck, making sure that they follow up on Lynn's Prince and Brody, as she's sure the two events are connected.

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Homeland Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

No one said becoming a terrorist would be easy.


Carrie: It's exactly what you would have done in my shoes, Saul.
Saul: No it is not.