A Long Lost Tomb - Hooten and The Lady
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Lady Alex is in Egypt, asking for permission to excavate the tomb of Alexander the Great. She is turned down by the authorities, but is eventually granted access. Hooten is in disguise at the site, and sets off numerous explosives as a distraction to sneak into the tomb. He sets off another explosion to seal him in the tomb, preventing the soldiers from following him.

Lady Alex meets with the crew already excavating, and makes a deal to start her search. The crew finds a sarcophagus, but Lady Alex is adamant that Alexander the Great was moved centuries ago. The leader slides the stone away, revealing a commoner interred, not Alexander. 

As the crew moves to explore another coffin, Lady Alex moves the body, revealing Hooten underneath. He sneaks away, imploring Alex to distract the men so he can escape. Hooten knocks out a soldier, steals his clothes, and escapes, but not before stealing a medallion from inside the tomb.

In a bar, Hooten meets a mysterious woman named Melina, and they have an interesting discussion. Hooten gambles the medallion in a dice game, wins, but gets into a huge bar fight. He escapes with Melina, and together they go back to his hotel room. Just before they have sex, Lady Alex interrupts, and Melina leaves in anger.

Hooten and Lady Alex discuss the medallion, and Alex warns Hooten to be careful regarding Melina.

The next morning, Melina and a henchman hold Hooten hostage, demanding the medallion. When they don't find the medallion, Melina and the henchman look for Lady Alex. Alex knocks the man out, but Melina beats up Alex, taking the medallion from her and leaving the hotel.

It turns out a fanatical Greek Brotherhood wants the body of Alexander, to take back to Greece. Melina is a Greek police officer, trying to bring down the Brotherhood. 

Back at the tomb, Lady Alex places the medallion on a stone coffin, and it opens, revealing stone steps leading to another burial chamber. Once in the chamber, Alex finds a puzzle pattern on the floor, much like a map of the missing city that contains the body of Alexander. She deciphers the location. The Brotherhood leaves Alex trapped in the tomb, but Hooten rescues her.

Lady Alex gave the Brotherhood the wrong location of the tomb, and she flees to the new site with Hooten. The Egyptian authorities double crossed Lady Alex, and they descend on her and Hooten. Hooten and Alex find an underwater entrance to the tomb, and eventually find the body of Alexander. The Brotherhood finds them, but Hooten plants dynamite in the tomb, blowing it up, allowing them to escape. Hooten moved the body of Alexander however, saving the priceless find.



Hooten and The Lady
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Hooten and The Lady Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Hooten: Alex?
Lady Alex: I know you're bored. I'm busy trying to get clearance to excavate the site.
Hooten: No need. I skipped that stage.
Lady Alex: What? Why can I hear gunfire?
Hooten: Because I'm being shot at.
Lady Alex: I said stay in the hotel. What have you done?
Hooten: Funny story: you know that shrine entrance you said was here? It isn't where you frigging said it was. Never mind: I never doubted you for a second.

We've been tracking the Brotherhood for years. They are fanatics who believe the body of Alexander will help incite our nation into war.

Melina [to Hooten]