House of Cards Season 1

"Chapter 13"

Frank struggles to keep his plans on track while Claire gets sued and Rachel Posner's connection to Russo is investigated on the season 1 finale of House of Cards.

"Chapter 12"

The President puts Frank on task to convince Tusk to join as Vice President. Janine and Zoe look into Russo's death on House of Cards.

"Chapter 11"

When Russo's campaign goes under, Francis tries to join the Walker administration on House of Cards.

"Chapter 10"

Francis works damange control when he finds out that Claire played a role in behind the bill's failure on House of Cards.

"Chapter 9"

Frank will do whatever it takes to get the new bill passed but his relationship with Zoe begins to suffer on House of Cards.

"Chapter 8"

Frank's old military school honors him with a library while Peter must regain support of his hometown on House of Cards.

"Chapter 7"

Peter has second thoughts as Frank helps him prepare for the governor's race on House of Cards.

"Chapter 6"

Russo decides to run for governor of Pennsylvania while the strike between Francis and Spinelli gets out of hand on House of Cards Chapter 6.

"Chapter 5"

A feud begins between Francis and Marty Spinelli while Russo becomes depressed over job losses on House of Cards.

"Chapter 4"

Zoe questions whether she should take the position as White House correspondent while Francis shakes down Congressional leadership on this chapter of House of Cards.

"Chapter 3"

Francis travels back to his home town to handle a crisis while Claire finds a new business partner on House of Cards.

"Chapter 2"

Francis and Doug prepare to set up the Secretary of State nominee on the second chapter of House of Cards.

"Chapter 1"

Congressman Francis Underwood plots his revenge when he is denied the chair as Secretary of State on the premiere of House of Cards.

House of Cards
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