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There were two main plots last night on House. As always, they intersected with one another, but it's easier to sum each up on its own. Let's get right to it;

The Patient of the Week: Nick is a publisher that comes down with frontal lobe inhibition. As a result, he speaks his mind... at all times. Dude makes House seem like a caring, dishonest individual. Because Nick cannot control it, he ends up revealing a few hurtful truths to both his wife and his daughter.

Even after House's team ensures his health, Nick goes through with a dangerous surgery - one that involves the guy's brain stem! - because he cannot live in such an overtly honest way. He may have certain thoughts, but who doesn't? The trick is to keep them inside, unless pressing, in order to make his wife, daughter - and, therefore, himself - happy. The surgery is a success. Nick is saved and his problem of brutal honesty is solved.

But it's clear, at the end, that issues with his wife will continue.

Wilson's brother: Wilson's brother is in trouble. Homless, Daniel Wilson was found unconscious in the lobby of a building. He was moved to the psychiatric wing of a NYC hospital. At first, Wilson does not reveal this piece of news to House because he needs to be comforted.. and that sort of cliche-ridden, fake honestly really isn't House's strong suit. (See, told you the two plots intersected.)

However, once House learns the truth, he accompanies Wilson to the hospital and acts as the best sort of friend that he can. By the conclusion of the episode - after Wilson tells House that he'd like him to meet Daniel - Wilson admits that he appreciates House's philosophy of total truth. It allows Wilson to never have to worry about pleasing him in some contrived manner, as the doctor so often does with everyone else in his life.

These two conclude the hour walking out of the hospital together, unique friends that play the ideal role in one another's lives. Awwww!

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House Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

I'll pretend to be macho while a guy stuffs three feet of plastic up my nose. (to Taub) It's too bad it's not your nose. Lots more room to maneuver.


House: The MRI show anything?
Dr. Foreman: Nothing.
House: Good. What fun would that be?