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After a baby gets stolen in Princeton Plainsboro, the hospital gets locked down this week. The result is a series of situations that forces individuals to remain where they are and bond...

Taub and Foreman are stuck in the basement. They decide to see how House feels each day, and pop a bunch of Vicodin. Each certainly feels the effects and opens up to the other: Foreman wants to shred part of his file, from 12 years go, that shows he falsified a lab. He did it because he often feels like he isn't good enough for his job. Taub has the opposite problem, as he appeared to be heading for a career like House's, and is instead an underling.

By the end of the episode, Foreman agrees not to worry so much about his past and not to shred the piece of paper. But after he leaves, Taub does it for him.

Thirteen and Wilson, meanwhile, are trapped in the cafeteria. They play Truth or Dare. While we later learn that Thirteen told almost no truths when she was asked a question, Wilson admits that he's gotten close again to his ex-wife, Sam. But he hasn't asked her out because he's afraid that will disrupt House's recovery. Thirteen says Wilson has to stop living his life based on House, and Wilson agrees. By the end of the episode, he's set up a date with Sam and we'll meet Cynthia Watros next week.

Then there's House. He ends up in a room with a patient who is dying. Turns out, House had turned down the guy's case, a fact that doesn't elicit a lot of sympathy from House at first. But once he learns how lonely the dude is - he cheated on his wife and has no contact with her or his daughter any longer - House comes around. He also admits to the guy that he may be having physical problems due to his kicking of Vicodin, but he's afraid to find out more. And House is lonely, too.

At the conclusion of the episode, after Cuddy has tracked down the missing baby (a nurse that had a seizure took her by accident), House stays with the man as he passes away and apologizes for not taking his case.

Finally, we get to Cameron and Chase. She returns to ask him about signing their divorce papers. They end up locked in a room, where Cameron, through tears, admits she may never have loved Chase. But, as often happens, these two then bond after Chase finally signs the papers. They even have sex. We have a feeling it will result in a baby.

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House Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Chase: Did you ever love me?!?
Cameron: I don't know.
Chase: Thank you for finally telling me.

Thirteen: What now?
Wilson: Truth or dare?
Thirteen: No! You don't wanna mess with me.