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This episode of House featured the funniest House vs. Wilson storyline ever.

The friends each crushed on their new neighbor, with Wilson meeting Nora first, but getting turned down for a date because she thought he and House were lovers. When Wilson relayed this information to House, he took the opposite route: he played up his supposed relationship with Wilson in order to get close to Nora and - eventually, on a drunken, open night - get into her pants.

Wilson initially balked at this plan, but then realized he had to play House's game. He actually interrupted dinner between his pal and his crush one night and proposed to House! It was hilarious stuff. By the end, Nora was made aware that both House and Wilson were straight... and pretty much total jerks toward women.

Another storyline was also built around a scheme, as Taub, Thirteen and Chase pretended as though they made more money than Foreman. This came out of nowhere, as this trio isn't known for playing pranks. But Foreman got them back in the end.

He made it seem as if he was leaving, due to this salary dispute, and his three co-workers volunteered taking a pay cut to Cuddy in order to subsidize Foreman's raise.

As for the patient of the week, he was played by guest star Ethan Embry. He was an undercover cop that spent 16 months getting in well with a drug dealer in order to bust the entire drug-dealing chain. By the end of the episode, though, the team diagnosed this guy as dying... soon; like, in a day.

This led to a montage where we saw him reunited with his wife before kicking the bucket, and where we saw the person he had gotten close to during his undercover mission busted by the police. It was a solid storyline, but it was overshadowed by the other two humorous storylines mentioned above. They made this dramatic pay-off far less dramatic.

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House Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Did Cameron get you hair in the divorce?

House [to Chase]

I NEED THE DRUGS! Hmmm... works for Jack Bauer.