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Candice Bergen guest starred this week as Cuddy's mom. She gave her daughter a hard time for never being around for Rachel and also for feeding her the wrong food.

But House hilariously sedated his possible future mother-in-law. The next day, she thought she passed out from drinking too much, apologized to House and said it was clear he loved Cuddy. She also said she'd kill him if he hurt her.


- Taub's wife kept wanting to have sex, but it wasn't such good news. Taub suspected that it was because she was in a good mood due to her online chats with that Peter guy. It took a chat with Masters, being called selfish, and the awkward situation of also being the new face of the hospital on billboards, for Taub to realize his marriage was over. He went home and asked for a divorce and his wife acknowledged she wasn't happy.

- The case of the week was sort of a reflection for Taub. It involved a man who saved a woman's life in a supposedly heroic act. He thought it made him a changed man, but House pretty much made him realize this wasn't true. He was the same man, full of faults, as always. He simply acted on impulse one time.

Upon realizing this, the man took back his promise of giving up his band and disappointed his wife by going back on the road again.

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House Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

We finally know what Tuab would look like if he were life-size


Taub: I was mugged once. When I saw the gun, my legs went out.
Dr. Chase: I always thought it was fight or flight. Didn't know it was fight or flight or faint.