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After several failed attempts to make another couple friend, Lily and Marshall are ecstatic to have two of their best friends dating so they can finally have a couples night.  Lily and Marshall invite Barney and Robin over for a lovely evening of Gouda cheese, gourmet food, and charades.  While Lily and Marshall think they nailed the date, Robin and Barney were ready to kill themselves.  However, the nails in the coffin were Lily pushing for a vacation and Marshall sending them a website with the best photo montage set to him singing "The Best Night Ever" (an original song).  Amazing.

Freaked out, Barney reacts to the couple as he would to a woman and breaks it off with them.  However, when Barney and Robin see Lily and Marshall having a great night out with another couple, jealousy, of course ensues. Eventually they try to win back Lily and Marshall by luring them outside with a set of egg timers (theirs was broken making charades not happen), until they met them outside in the rain.  Aww, they're now best couple friends.

Meanwhile, poor Ted discovered he was a sexless inn keeper, when he wore his professor outfit to McLaren's.  He met a lovely girl who simply wanted to use him for his apartment when she heard he lived above the bar and came upstairs to pass out on his couch.  After hearing Barney and Robin rip on him, he managed to find a beautiful girl he took home and declared he loved being single in front of Barney, who shows a bit of regret on his face as he headed to brunch with Robin and his best couple friend.

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Random Girl: How's grading?
Ted: You just gotta make it fun, every time I see a grammatical error, I do a shot. Right now I'm smashed and I blame the public school system.

Ahh tweed, the official fabric of the eunuch