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-Barney and Robin try to rekindle some old memories on their last dinner out before their wedding. When another couple screws up their plans, the two soon to be spouses take action. Lily mentions their move to Marshall's mother unaware that Marshall has yet to tell her. Marshall and Marvin head to Minnesota for some time with grandma. Lily finds herself with no family to worry about, but also no cable or internet. When she tries to fire up Ted for a night out he tells her he has to finish up some stuff at his house. Lily accompanies Ted to Westchester and learns about Ted's plans to sell the house and move to Chicago. Ted tells her about the incident with Robin and the locket and Lily informs him she knows the necklaces whereabouts. Back in Minnesota, Marshall gets a surprise call informing him he has been selected for a judicial appointment. He leaves for home and the wedding without telling Lily the news. The rest of the gang packs and heads out for the big day. As the episode comes to a close we see a woman in boots carrying a yellow umbrella purchasing a train ticket to Farhampton. 

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 24 Quotes

Robin: A week from today we are going to be legend, wait for it...
Barney: Married!

I would open a vein in my arm if I could bleed that locket out, just to make her happy.