We felt especially bad for Tanya on this episode of Hung.

She went out again with the head of the Floyd, the teacher of the class where she reconnected with Ray. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when she tries to speak to him about the fact that his life sort of sucks, too. Heck, he's driving a rented Jaguar in order to see important.

But Floyd gets defensive and instead tries to tell Tanya that she isn't his type and the two can't date. Tanya erupts, shocked at why Floyd is even bothering to go there. She throws him out and tries to call her mom for advice - but her mom, seemingly an alcoholic, totally blows her daughter off.

Meanwhile, Ray's ex-wife and new husband are in a jam because he lost all his money in the stock market. As a result, they cannot afford to buy the kids a new car - but Ray can! Sort of! Someday, at least.

More motivated than ever to be the best male escort he can be, Ray has one mission throughout this episode: satisfy a woman that keeps being displeased with her and Ray's fantasy date. She had arranged a "damsel in distress" sexual encounter, but Ray continued to let her down every time the pair played it out.

Finally, at the end of the episode, he tried a more honest approach: he actually went over to this woman's home and spoke with her. He showed kindess and honesty. Even though the woman was clearly a loon - on one of their fantasy dates, she had said she was in love with Ray and pretty miuch demanded that he say it back - Ray now seemed to appeal to her.

The camera faded to black with Ray and this woman on her front lawn, likely about to go inside and get it on.

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Hung Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Just because Ronnie can't buy you a car doesn't mean I can't.


Tanya: Hi, mom. I'm feeling kinda lonely.
Tany's mother: Are you in the hospital? Never call me this late unless you're in the hospital.
Tanya: It's 8:30.