BB Gone - Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 9
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Danny continues to try to convince Colleen to take on the Iron Fist, but she refuses. BB waits for Colleen at the apartment but ends up going to Bayard in an attempt to find her. One of Davos' new recruits calls and finds him, discovering his location.

Davos confronts Joy about the missing bowl. She finally admits that she came to Davos because she thinks he's out of his mind, not because she betrayed him. Davos pushes Joy off a ledge in the warehouse.

At the apartment, Misty visits Colleen and Danny to alert them that there's backup. Misty tells Colleen that she would make a great Iron Fist. Misty also brings the shop owner that Colleen was trying to track down.

Through a number of questions, Colleen deduces that it was her mother who sold the box to the Frank Choi -- which means that she was lied to about her mother's fate all along.

Ward and Walker team up to rescue Joy. They go to Turk to get some firepower. Meanwhile, Colleen and Danny hear about BB's appearance at Bayard. The triads are still there and are planning an attack.

Suddenly, they discover the teenage gang outside, signaling Davos' arrival. Danny and Colleen gather sedative at the community center to use on Davos.

Colleen fights and defeats all of the teenagers after she sees BB get stabbed. Davos confronts Danny and Danny injects him with ketamine.

Misty arrived and arrests the teenage boys. Colleen is extremely distraught over BB, but Misty tells her not to blame herself. In that moment, Colleen decided that she will take on the Iron Fist because it will allow her to do the most good in the community with her abilities.

Back at the apartment, Danny and Colleen have the Crane sisters perform the ritual, drawing the tattoo on Colleen's right arm. As she touches Davos and completes the ceremony, Davos wakes up, knocking both Danny and Colleen into the wall.

However, Colleen feels a burning in her arm and her right fist glows bright white.

Misty investigates the warehouse to find Joy alive, but Chen attacks her. Ward shoots Chen to save Misty, but then Walker knocks out Misty.

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Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I think the technical term is "patricide." Although, I'm not sure it applies to the repeatedly undead. "Necrocide" is more like it.


Danny: Let's finish this. Put your thumb to his third eye. Then wrap your fingers around like this.
Colleen: Okay.
Danny: Then you draw the heart of the dragon into you.
Colleen: Will it hurt?
Danny: Yes. But then it will be a part of you.