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The company Frank founded is going out of business, so they enlist his services as 'The Warthog' to save them. Frank takes Charlie under his wing as his understudy to teach him the ropes.

Meanwhile, Dee, Dennis, and Mac find a wallet at the bar that contains Phillies tickets, so they decide to go. When they find out their seats are in a luxury box, they decide to play along and have Dennis take on the wallet owner's identity. Turns out the wallet owner is being courted to sign a huge deal, which means a ton of perks in the coming week.

Charlie's curiosity about what the company makes drives Frank to fire him despite finding out that the controlling shareholder in Frank's company is the wallet owner that Dennis has been impersonating. Likewise, Mac's entrepreneurial spirit is crushed when Dennis is more concerned about becoming the wallet owner, so he fires Mac.

Back at the bar, Mac and Charlie console each other and decide to team up to make a product when a cop comes in asking about the wallet owner.

At the shareholders' meeting for Frank's company, Mac and Charlie bust in and call out Dennis for impersonating the wallet owner, but not before showing a promo video for their new product, "Fight Milk" - the first alcoholic-based protein drink for bodyguards and by bodyguards.

Mac and Charlie then explain that the wallet owner was actually murdered by a crackhead after Mac refused to let him back into the bar without showing ID, which was in his wallet on the bar counter.

Dennis finally gets off, which pisses off Dee. Frank then sells the company to the Asian businessmen he met with for a sushi dinner but then expresses interest in investing in Crow-tein.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Mac: Okay, I'm going to run Ops. That door is the only entrance/exit,
so if anyone enters, I'll spring off the balcony.
Dennis: No, no. That's a 50 foot drop.
Mac: And I'm a professional, so I will tuck and roll the landing.
Dennis: You're gonna tuck and roll through a 50 foot drop?
Mac: Dennis, if I had a gun with me, I'd be spraying bullets into the
air as I fell.

Charlie: Frank's taking me under his wing. Teach me how to swim with the sharks.
Dennis: Charlie can't read.
Frank: He'll adapt.
Dennis: He'll adapt to reading?