Watch It's Always Sunny in Philadpelhia Season 10 Episode 1online to see The Gang go Wade Boggs style across the country - from Philadelphia to California.

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Watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seaon 10 Episode 1 online to see The Gang on board a flight to California, already over 20 beers deep into their competition - with Mac overseeing the proceedings.

On It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seaosn 10 Episode 1, The Gang returns for their 10th season premiere, this time on FXX.
They board a plane and head on a cross country trip, not dissimilar to the one the infamous MLB player Wade Boggs took.

A relatively sober Mac oversees the Wade Boggs competition, acting as the commissioner. Each member of The Gang has the number of beers they've drank tallied up on their white shirt, Dee and Charlie fighting for the lead. As Mac oversees the proceedings, everyone tries to get as many beers from the flight attendants as possible.

Dennis asks if there's a rule against ordering all the available beers, and the flight attendant tells him she's never had to answer that quesiton before.

Frank acts as if he came up with the idea of a "mile high club," while Dennis claims that he can sleep with a woman on the plane before Frank.

They make a bet to do so, although Mac cautions against ruining the integrity of the existing competition.

Charlie tries to imitate other stories he's heard about Wade Boggs, and begins eating chicken for dinner. He also orders 8 coke and rums, before Mac ran interference, reminding Charlie to keep his head in the game.

Charlie keeps drinking heavily and soon hallucinates Wade Boggs himself. They both crack open another beer and chug it down.

Meanwhile, Dee sloppily traverse the plane, drinking her beer, and hijacks the speaker system. She fights the flight attendant for it and is brought back to her seat.

She's in the lead but she passes out for a while.

Mac counts her out and writes her total number on her forehead.

She wakes up and hallucinates Boss Hoggs.

She soon reemerge and continues on to tie for the lead with Charlie.

Dennis scopes out a potential partner for his mile high escapades, while Frank does the same. Dennis's choice ends up being happily married, while Frank choose a more willing partner.

Dennis blocks Frank from making his move and instead brings the girl down to where the luggage is kept, and where Mac is hiding behind their suitcases (which are full of beer).

Dennis has sex with the woman and then finds out that she's not up to his standards. He decides to leave the plane at it's connecting stop. Mac makes sure to write the total number of beers he drank on his forehead.

Down to just three, Mac checks up on The Gang.

Frank gave sleeping pills to a passenger that knocked him out, and then proceeded to pretend to be a doctor (and a pilot) in order to duct tape the kid back into his seat and give him an Advil (and get more beer).

Having been told to sit down, he gets offended and, in turn, wasted. He slurs his way into a stupor.

Dee and Charlie are still tied, but by the time they get to luggage pick-up, Charlie out chugs Dee in a stand-off.

Dee passes out on the conveyor belt. Charlie and Mac go to a baseball field to do their last tribute to Wade Boggs - and Charlie unexpectedly knocks the ball out of the park.

Mac wasn't prepared for that, and they both decide to call it a win, and a day, and go back home.

Watch It's Always Sunny in Philadeplhia online to see Charlie take home the honor of matching endurance with Wade Boggs, and knocking that ball outta the park.

Episode Details

On It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 1, the show returns with it's 10th season premiere on Wednesdays over at FXX. The Gang hops on a plane to do their best Wade Boggs impression.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

We're trying to do a Wade Boggs type thing.


First off Wade Boggs is very much alive.