Watch Justified Season 6 Episode 12 Online to see Boyd and Raylan hot on Ava's heels. Who will get to her first? Or will Avery find a way to get Ava before either of them?

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Watch Justified Season 6 Episode 12 Online right now at TV Fanatic. Raylan has gone rogue, hunting down Ava and the money, and hopefully Boyd. Ava manages to escape, but Boyd and Raylan have a shootout. Plus, Avery meets up with Loretta and the U.S. Marshals are on the hunt for Raylan. All the major characters are moving one step closer to each other.

Episode Details

On Justified Season 6 Episode 12, Markham enlists the help of an unexpected ally while Raylan and Boyd head up to the mountains to search for Ava.

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Justified Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Boyd: How you know I wasn’t some Boy Scout looking for his tent?
Raylan: Your teeth glow in the dark.

Before you try to seduce me, just know it’s been tried before.