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Khloe has a guest appearance by Tommy Lee on her Khloe After Dark radio show. They have a discussion about grooming your nether reasons.

We then find out how this fits with the episode, when Kourtney confronts Khloe during lingerie shopping about her need for a wax.

Khloe who has never let herself go in front of hubby Lamar agrees to let Kourtney give her a bikini wax.

Kourt ends up burning her by accident and Khloe has a bad reaction. Luckily Lamar doesn’t care.

Kourtney tries to reclaim some of her pre-motherhood party girl image.

She invites some old friends for a day of drinking and yachting. Things get a little too wild and Kourtney has a terrible hangover for her day at the zoo with Mason and Scott.

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami
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