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-The boat bringing family members to the island is hijacked by the Pakistani Navy who wants Chaplin to fire a nuclear missile on their enemies in India. Little do they know, Chaplin can't do it because he doesn't have the launch key.

-Sam and the remaining Navy Seals head out to the boat to rescue the civilians who are being shot one every half hour.  When Christine is picked out of the crowd, Paul tries to save her and is killed.  Sam witnesses Christine kiss him before he dies.

-Back on the ship, Cortez leaves the launch key where Grace can find it. When Grace shows up with the key, Marcus suspects her as the mole and tells her if it isn't her, she needs to help find out who it really is.

-With the key, Marcus turns the missile on the Pakistani Naval Captain's hometown and threatens to kill his family if he doesn't let the civilians go.

-The US government's strike team arrives on the boat just as Sam and the Seals spring into action. The civilians are saved but the government takes Christine.  Sam swears he's going to get her back.

-James remembers the mission that started the conspiracy where his fellow Seal planted evidence to make it look as though Pakistan was in possession of dirty bombs.  There is proof of the cover up on the Seal's helmet cameras.

Last Resort
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Last Resort Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

They look at me and all they see is that crazy woman from TV.


James: When does the family boat arrive.
Crewman: Any time now. It feels like Christmas.