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-Prosser and his crew mutiny and hold Marcus and Sam on the sub. Then Anders takes over the sub from Prosser. He plans to sell it to the Chinese.

-Prosser is stabbed. Grace saves him. Brannan releases Marcus and gets shot. Sam gets loose. He and Marcus take over the controls.

-The Chinese try to take over the NATO Comm center with the help of Serrat. Per Marcus, Sophie gets a message to the US with the Colorado's coordinates so they can destroy the sub.

-Anders tries to fire the nukes but Marcus beaches the sub. Everyone gets off the sub but Marcus. He's going down with the ship. If the fighters don't scuttle her he'll do it himself to make sure she doesn't fall into Chinese hands.

-The F-18s destroy the Colorado with Marcus aboard.

-Kylie's father and the President want her to kill her boyfriend Robert to prove her loyalty. Robert holds her hand to the gun while he shoots himself but tells her to get her revenge.

-Navy SEAL rescues Christine and brings her to Kylie. Kylie give her the memory card with all of the conspiracy information and has her give it to the press.  Then Kylie shoots the President.

-James stays on the island with Tani.  Everyone else returns home. Sam is reunited with Christine.

Last Resort
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Last Resort Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

You touch him and you'll need a turkey baster to have kids.


For the rest of us this is just a stop. For you this is your new home isn't it. Marcusstan. Population one.