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Bass has a farm, but the crop is ravaged by insects and grasshoppers, so he has set it on fire.

He wonders what he’s done to anger the Lord. Jennie says it’s a lesson. Bass refuses to quit.

While he’s tilling the land, Bass gets a visitor. Sherrill Lynn, Deputy US Marshal is the man. About 15 days ago, he and another deputy named Horace Lee went to serve a write in the Choctaw Nation. It didn’t go well, and Horace was killed horribly.

Bass suspects Judge Parker has his hands full. Bass realizes they need someone who can speak Choctaw and can shoot better than poor ol’ Horace. Bass is a farmer, though. Sherrill wonders how many mouthes he’s got to feed with no harvest.

Jennie wonders why not do it. They’ve got five children, and he’s got another reason sitting right before him. She doesn’t think he should look a gift horse in the mouth. He says he’s content to farm. He’s free. She wonders.

Jennie spots a piano in a shop window. A man asks her if she plays. She is sure his liniments or oils are just fine, but she’s not interested. He wants an entire state to call their own. A Black paradise. Again, she’s not interested. There’s only one paradise.

Bass and Sherrill come across a wounded man in a covered wagon. The man’s warning: Run! Gunshots ring out. Sherrill has to be right up on a man to shoot him down, while Bass knocks them off their horses from a safe distance.

During the fracas, the man in the wagon has died. Bass says a prayer for him. Sherrill scoffs, but Bass doesn’t care. He proceeds to bury the old man, a good six feet under ground. He has a bible in his hand.

Later, around the fire, Sherrill and Bass chitchat. Sherrill wants to see the mystical bullshit he learned from the Indians. He thinks nothing of them, and Bass heartily disagrees. Sherrill shares his reasoning for his hatred, an attack that left many dead and himself scalped.

They approach a house looking for One Charlie. As Bass calls into the house, Sherrill tries to speed things up by kicking down the door, but he’s not so good at it.

Bass reminds him you get more bees with honey. Inside a woman has a rifle trained on Sherrill’s face. She wonders if he’s stupid or crazy. Bass says he’s wounded, and when she pulls down the gun, he wrestles Sherrill out of the house.

Bass apologizes for the door. He knows that no man lives here by her housekeeping. Still, he promises that he’ll find Charlie. She says that Charlie has been a thorn in her side since birth. She’s been paying her cousin’s debts for way too long. Bass offers to help.

He gives her money for the trouble caused and asks if he’ll bring her word on Charlie. Bass says he will.

A wagon pulls up to the house. Men are delivering a piano. One young man eyes their daughter, and Jennie sends her inside. His name is Arthur Mayberry.

Sherrill and Bass have closed in on Charlie One. Sherrill is surprised by Bass’s bravery. While Bass talks to Charlie, Sherrill prepares a firebomb. Charlie is screaming, probably burning alive inside.

Bass breaks down the door and the burning man flees. Bass is angry that Sherrill went to these lengths, and he puts the burning man out of his misery. Sherrill flippantly says one less Charlie, I suppose.

The children are asleep, so Jennie takes a minute for herself downstairs. She hears an animal moaning and sets out to investigate. A calf is being eaten alive by coyotes. She comforts it before putting it out of its misery. They are good people.

Bass meanwhile is taking the bullet out of Sherrill’s arm. Sherrill is drunk and testing Bass with his idiotic rambling. Bass finally clocks him one before saddling Pilot. He’s seen enough of this pained man’s mistakes to stick around and see more.

While Jennie is looking at the corral that needs fixed, she spots Arthur walking up dressed nicely and carrying a book. He saw that the piano could be fixed, and he can help. She tells him to turn around, not to return until Sally is older.

Bass tells Charlie’s cousin that it wasn’t quick or painless. He thinks Charlie deserved his day in court. She doesn’t necessarily agree. Charlie flirted with death every day, always knowing he’d die bitter. Still, she thanks him for trying.

Sally tells Jennie that how she plays the piano hurts her ears. Jennie wants Sally to spare her the honesty for a change. She played Rachel’s piano while Sally was in her belly. The piano was Rachel’s, but the music was all hers.

Bass arrives home, and everyone is excited to see him. She’s not as excited to hear that Bass hit another white man, but he promises to find a way to pay for the piano.

Sherrill and two deputies arrive at the farm. Sherrill says that he wouldn’t take one thing back that he did as long as he and Bass walked away with air in their lungs. But he thinks Bass is the most earnest man he knows. He took that to Judge Parker, who wants to make him a Deputy US Marshal.

Jennie worries that Sally’s dreams will take her far away, and she won’t return. Bass thinks she was raised right and will be fine, just like they are. No, he’s going to do God’s will. Justice.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves
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Lawmen: Bass Reeves Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jennie: A gun is just a thing. A tool, an instrument. What matters is who plays it and you, Gabriel.
Bass: Honey, you only seen me shooting wild turkeys and feral hogs.
Jennie: Without a bullet wasted.

Bass: You suppose I did something to make the Almighty angry?
Jennie: He just teachin’ ya.
Bass: That I ain’t a farmer?
Jennie: Or that it’s hard and takes patience.
Bass: Patience ain’t gone put money in our pocket. [pause] I ain’t about to quit this.