Women's Boarding House - Lawmen: Bass Reeves
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Bass shoots a hole in his hat before approaching a woman's house with a fake accent. She allows him to enter when she sees his bible. They talk about her no-good sons she still loves, and she sends Bass to the river to fetch a pail of water so she can make them something to eat.

Bass returns to another shotgun pointed at his head. Her sons have returned. They listen to their mama, but after dinner get into a brawl with each other. Real winners.

Bass has told her his name is Joe Gamble.

Bass spends the night, and her sons are in chains by morning.

At a nearby church, Jennie and the children are in attendance when Edwin Jones is introduced. He's there to talk about land ownership. Jennie is the only one who raises her hand as a landowner.

Sally asks to wander off with her friend Dulcia, which Jennie approves, but not before letting Dulcia know she's showing a little too much skin. Sally is actually with Arthur. He has written down a poem for Sally. She recognizes the author and teases him. They're falling in love.

As predicted, Billy Crow is Bass's new posse man. They're rustled up quite a few outlaws. A chained man compares Bass to a slave catcher, who tales say ate his prey. He's still out there now, so goes the story.

Bass has had just about enough of that. He asks Billy to read them a bible verse.

Sally wakes from a nightmare. Sally rushes in. Night gets so quiet out there, especially without daddy. Jennie looks at the open window spilling out into the darkness.

A fight breaks out at camp between the singer and Bass. Bass is a little brutal, and Billy pulls him away. That man and his tale struck a nerve. The blonde fellow's face is gone. Bass didn't stop that man fast enough. Now, Billy asks Bass's approval to kill him, but Bass does the job himself.

Or not. The crazy old fool is hanging up by his wrists by morning.

Bass asks Minco Dodge if he has anything else for him before he rides for home. A day back, Minco saw Silas Cobb with two stolen paint horses. Bass says he'll sweet-talk Minco into cuffs, and Minco tells him to be fast. He saw his name out there. Men are gunnin' for him.

Bass and Billy's next stop is a brothel. The madam says they paid their taxes twice over, but he's not there for that. He's got other business.

Billy strikes up a conversation with a lady catching a smoke while reading a book out back. He's still got high hopes for himself and the grandeur of his own tale.

Bass pays the madam to get Billy and not kick up a fuss, and they'll be gone in no time. Silas is with a woman, and Bass doesn't let him finish before busting in through the window. Silas tries to strike a deal for a guy dirtier than he.

Billy continues to charm the lady outside.

Silas thought he had a deal with Bass for the other fella, and when he doesn't, he jumps out the window and takes off. Billy shoots him in the back as he tries to escape, a move he made when Silas rode toward Billy's lady.

Silas isn't much of a bad guy. He's panicked about dying, and Bass rides to the doctor who is attending to another outlaw.

By the time Bass returns, Silas Cobb is dead. Billy helped him to write something sweet to his wife, Grace.

Billy is feeling guilty, and he's having a hard time with what he did. Bass gives him a bullet and tells him to look at each one. It's a man's life. The law says they get to make the choice because they got the badge, but only God knows if it's right. Bass sure doesn't. And if he doesn't, what the hell does Billy know about it?

Edwin is treating Jennie to lunch, wondering how many lives Bass has sent to their great reward. Jennie says Bass would say one is too many. Edwin's desire to build a town gives Jennie pause. The Natives might have a thing to say about it. He's got a sharp tongue, but she's not falling for it easily.

When Bass and Billy get back to the wagon, the tied man taunts Billy. He's got blood on his hands now. Billy the Killer Crow. He can kiss those peaceful nights goodbye.

Bass takes the note to Grace. She appears to be blind. She expected nothing less, sad that Silas was eager to say things to her in death that he never cared to say in person, not that he was there overly much.

She says he better read that letter quick since they say Old Sundown is known to ride on nights like these.

It's quite the situation since neither Bass nor Grace can read. He puts the letter in his pocket and crafts his own letter for her, thinking of Jennie. I guess Bass never has read his bible, either.

While resting his horse, a rider comes up behind him in the dark, but he rides off without any action.


Lawmen: Bass Reeves
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Lawmen: Bass Reeves Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Billy: Can I kill this crazy old fool, Bass? He's a goddamned blight!
Crazy Old Fool: There ain't no law here. This here's hell.
Bass: Until God say otherwise, I'm the only law there is.

Silas Cobb: Bass Reeves got the jump on me through a damned window. At least you're known to be a reasonable black bastard.
Bass: I said easy, but hard is just fine.