Captain Sham and Aunt Josephine: Is It Love? - Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
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Kids read suicide note. It says they were now in the care of Captain Sham.

Mr. Poe said they have to stay in the care of Count Olaf.

Klaus picked up on the grammatical errors. They concluded that it was Olaf's handwriting.

Poe did not agree with the kids. They find the shopping list and the writing is the same as Josephine's list.

Klaus told Poe the troupe were outside all night watching them. When Poe looked out the window, they were gone.

Poe said they were going to brunch with Olaf.

Olaf tried to get Poe to drink alcohol, but he declined because he want to catch the ferry.

Larry was revealed to not be dead. He was working in the restaurant.

The kids picked up on the fact Larry knew their names.

Larry gave them peppermint. They put them in their mouths to go home and take a reaction.

The kids went home without Olaf as he had to sign the adoption papers.

Klaus got to work researching, while Sunny and Violet took baking soda baths to treat their hives.

Larry got a phone call saying the parents are alive.

They were on a plane trying to get to the children.

The kids decoded the note and realized Josephine was at the curdled cave.

House started falling down to the sea. Klaus found a picture of his mum and others. 

The kids took a sale boat to the curdled cave.

They found Aunt Josephine.

Josephine thought they were going to live in the cave with her.

Klaus told her the cave was for sale and estate agents would want to look at it.

She left with them.

Josephine had eaten a banana, prompting the leeches to attack.

The parents flew over the kids in the sinking boat. A bigger boat pulled up.

They got on it, but are shocked to learn it's Olaf's boat.

Josephine was thrown over board to the leeches.

Poe told the kids he could not guarantee Sham was Olaf.

Sunny chewed the wooden leg and the real leg appeared.

The kids ran away to the lucky smells lumber mill before Mr. Poe placed theme somewhere else. 

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Mr. Poe: Forgery? That's a very serious charge.
Violet: Not as serious as murder.

Here's Shammy.