Elizabeth And Harriet Meet Neighbors - Lessons in Chemistry
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We join Elizabeth in the hospital, enduring heavy labor in a delivery ward full of other women. When the nurses realize she's ready to push, Elizabeth is given some pain medication that causes her to hallucinate. In her state, she believes Calvin is her doctor. She finds herself emotional, but Calvin's faux-presence pushes her to feel strong enough to carry on.

Elizabeth wakes up after the birth in a panic. A nurse bombards her with questions and facts about what to expect next, and in a flurry, Elizabeth chooses to name her new daughter, Mad Zott. She leaves the hospital alone, clearly shaken.

Back in Elizabeth's living room, baby Mad is screaming, and Elizabeth isn't sure how to soothe her. Elizabeth hallucinates Calvin again, imagining he's settling their baby, but the phone ringing jolts her from her reverie. Eventually, Elizabeth calms Mad down.

At Harriet's, she watches a news report on deployed soldiers with her children. They mark off another day on the calendar and discuss eight weeks until Harriet's husband returns from deployment.

Elizabeth can't get Mad to stop crying, so she heads over to Harriet's house. Harriet brings her into the kitchen to talk, explaining that the stories about motherhood aren't real. Mothers have difficulty bonding with their children and feel as overwhelmed as Elizabeth. Harriet says Elizabeth is just like Calvin but can't treat the baby like a science experiment.

Elizabeth receives some overdue and outstanding bills and does her best to take out a second mortgage on the house but is rejected by the bank. She begins auditing other chemist's experiments, taking payment for her assessments and explanations. Things are going well until Elizabeth discovers Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Donatti have taken over Calvin's old lab. Immediately suspicious, she heads to Hastings in anger.

She charges into the lab with Mad and Six-Thirty, accusing Dr. Donatti and Dr. Horowitz of stealing her work. Donatti explains they've received the Remsen grant, telling Elizabeth they've put her name in the acknowledgments section of their research paper. She tells Donatti off, then storms out of the lab after promising to further the research faster and better.

Elizabeth is doing construction one night in her at-home lab when she accidentally cuts the power. Harriet comes over to help her fix it, and the two talk about motherhood, bonding over their lives. The following day, Elizabeth impersonates Fran Frask to order a vast amount of equipment to outfit her at-home lab, continuing to hallucinate Calvin as she and Harriet work to get everything built quickly so she can continue their research.

While hallucinating Calvin, Elizabeth reminisces about her brother. She explains that she knew her brother so well that she could anticipate every word he'd say, every interaction they'd have. She says she can't do that with Calvin because there's so much more she doesn't know than what she does know. She wants to know everything: what Calvin was like as a boy, what kind of father he would be, and how he would feel about Elizabeth knowing he loved her.

Harriet gets a late-night knock on her door, and though she's anticipating Elizabeth, it turns out to be her husband, Charlie, returning from his deployment. They share an emotional reunion, their children waking up and getting in on the emotional event.

Elizabeth heads over to Harriet's as she hosts a welcome home party for Charlie, who's glad to meet her. She hallucinates Calvin playing with Harriet and Charlie's kids as she talks to their reverend, explaining her father was a preacher, which gives her a complicated relationship with religion.

After the party, Charlie tells Harriet he was already offered a position as chief of surgery at a local hospital. She's not thrilled, saying she's put herself on hold for a long time for him, and she's taking the BAR exam in the spring, hoping to become a lawyer finally. Charlie reassures her they can handle it all.

Elizabeth's doctor checks in at home, coming to her to ask her to join his rowing team. She tries to fight him on the chance, but she's unable to say no, knowing it connects her to Calvin.

Throughout the episode, there have been flash-forwards to a child who is being teased by her classmates seven years in the future. Late in the attack, though we assume the bullied child is Mad, we find out she's been the one doing the teasing. Mad has also been giving the girl she's teasing her lunches and talking to her outside of class about her parents' divorce.

In the future, at a TV studio, executives debate over finding a new series. Walter Pine is sitting with his daughter, the girl Mad has been giving her lunches. Elizabeth tells Walter off but gives him a piece of chicken pot pie to get him to feed his child something nutritious. Walter chases her out of the studio, explaining he's a producer and hopes to offer her a job as the host of her show. Elizabeth rejects the offer and then drives away.

Elizabeth and Mad talk about her day at school while they make dinner together in the kitchen at home. They do Mad's homework and then share their meal. After falling asleep on the couch, Elizabeth puts her daughter to bed and cleans up from the day. While cleaning up, Elizabeth reflects on the TV set and reconsiders Walter's offer.

Lessons in Chemistry
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