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On this week's episode of Lights Out...

Patrick stumbles upon former boxing champ, Jerry "Rainmaker" Raynes, who experiences cases of memory loss. Patrick lets him come and work at the gym.

Meanwhile, the FBI is cracking on public officials in an attempt to catch the bigger fish. They even confront Patrick in attempt to persuade him to talk. He refuses.

Hal is concerned he will be connected and tells Patrick to fix the problem.

Patrick gets Jerry to beat up the arrested councilman from the episode, "Cakewalk." This causes the councilman to keep his mouth shut and not help the FBI.

Patrick and Hal seem to be in the clear. Plus, Jerry won't remember anything that happened if he is ever questioned.

Lights Out
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Lights Out Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Does this "culture" have a name?


C'mon, Pops. No beer? It's un-American.