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On the series finale of Lights Out...

Hal brings Patrick to dinner with other boxing champions in order to discuss uniting and bringing Barry Word's power over the game to an end.

Barry reveals to Patrick that Hal fixed the Morales fight.

The big fight takes place with Richard clearly dominant in the early rounds. Patrick perseveres and despite a "bought" referee and a doctor, he knocks out Richard.

Unfortunately, Patrick's fight causes him memory loss and potential brain damage. He cannot remember who won the fight.

The episode concludes with Patrick standing before a press conference.

Lights Out
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Lights Out Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Nobody takes Patrick down in one round. Not even with a bat.


The dude's been playing Mr. Mom for the past 5 years. He thinks he's going to river dance back into my world? Take my belt? No. He's going down. He's going down hard.