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The reunion begins with scenes from the season featuring Ray J and Teairra. After they reunited at the end of the last episode, it was revealed early on that they were no longer together. Ray J did apologize to Teairra for embarrassing her and he did admit that it was hard to watch himself, as he did not like the person he was. 

Princess joined them on stage to reveal that she and Ray J are back together. Princess and Teairra went back and forth, hurling insults at one another. And at one point, the two stood up and security had to get in between them. 

According to Princess, she and Ray J were only broken up for two weeks and nothing really happened between him and Teairra. Teairra disagreed. 

Hazel, Masika and Berg were next, as we saw their journey throughout the season. Berg half heartedly apologized to Hazel, but she declared him her enemy. 

Masika and Hazel bumped heads several times and called each other a slew of names, as once again the security was called to the stage to break up the ladies. 

Masika stayed on stage to talk with Nikki and Nikki's mother about the love triangle with Mally Mal. Nikki still doesn't believe Masika's version of events when it comes to her and Mally Mal. And she reveals that she and Mally Mal are still close. 

Nikki's mother and Masika have a battle of words and when Mally Mal is called to the stage, Nikki and Masika begin to fight loudly and look to be on the verge of a physical altercation. 

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
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