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This week on Mad Men...

- Joan lets Roger know that she is pregnant and they decide to have an abortion.  She goes to the doctor to get it done, but it is up in the air whether she went through with it.

- Lane's father comes to visit.  They go out to the Playboy Club with Don, where Lane introduces his dad to his girlfriend.  Robert Pryce doesn't like the fact that he's dating an African-American.  He orders Lane to come home to England.  Lane tells the firm that he is leaving the agency for a few weeks.

- The government is investigating to see if Don is who he says he is, and so they interview Betty on the subject.  Betty lies through her teeth for Don, but he still gets extremely worried.

- Don convinces Pete to break the agency's union with NAA so that they will stop investigating Don's identity. 

- Lee Garner Jr. explains to Roger that Lucky Strike is firing SCDP.  Roger convinces him to give them 30 days to make it official.  He keeps it a secret from the other partners so that he can try and bring in new clients before he lets them know.

- After a full fledged panic attack, Don tells Faye the truth about stealing Don Draper's identity.

Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Robert Pryce: Put your home in order, either here or there. You will not live in between.
Lane: Yes sir.

Greg dying is not a solution to this.