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This week on Mad Men:

Don is up for an award for best television commercial for a cleaning supply, and wins!  Of course he celebrates by drinking himself into an entire weekend black out.  He pitches a campaign to Life cereal while intoxicated and they love his idea of "Life; the cure for the common breakfast." 

The problem is that he stole this from a kid he interviewed for a job and turned down right away.  When confronted about the whole thing by Peggy, obviously Don doesn't remember doing any of it.  In the end Don hires the kid with the slogan.  He also oversleeps on Sunday and is a good half a day late to pick up the kids at Betty's.  She is non too pleased with him.

We also flash back to Roger and Don when they first met.  Roger goes into a fur store where Don was working and buys a mink for his girl on the side, Joan.  Don is very persistent on working for Sterling in the ad business, but Roger wants nothing to do with him.  After a lunch, and a few dozen drinks, Roger hires Don while black out and doesn't remember any of it.

Pete is thrown through a loop when he finds out that Lane is bringing back Ken Cosgrove to help with accounts.  He's not happy about it, but there's really nothing he can do.  Pete takes the opportunity to show Ken who's in charge right away.

Peggy isn't happy with the way Don is treating her, or anyone else for that matter.  She is hard at work with the new art director all weekend.  This guy is a complete tool that is treating her like she's nothing.  Peggy shows him in the end by getting completely naked and forcing him to shut his trap for once.

Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Don: Do you got anything on Vicl's?
Peggy: Actually it's Vick. Vick Chemical.
Don: Answer the question.

Danny: You know what they say: aspiration's as good as perspiration.
Don: That's not how it goes.