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Molly tells Mike she doesn't want to do anything special for Valentine's Day this year, and Mike assumes this means he doesn't have to plan anything. When he realizes the night before Valentine's Day that Molly still wants to go out to dinner, Mike scrambles to find a restaurant that isn't booked. Knowing that Carl has special reservations made for his date with Christina, Mike asks if he can piggyback off of their evening. Carl is reluctant but eventually agrees. Unfortunately, the guys are called to talk a jumper off a ledge and will be late to dinner. When Carl almost slips and falls trying to save the jumper, Mike catches him and pulls Carl to safety. The two men realize how much they value each other's friendship.

Meanwhile, Molly and Christina are sharing a romantic evening together without their significant others and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Mike and Carl show up to give the girls some flowers, but leave shortly to fill out paperwork leaving Molly and Christina to continue their ladies only Valentine's Day.

Joyce and Vince pose for racy boudoir photos and Victoria spends Valentine's Day in. 

Mike & Molly
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Mike & Molly Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Victoria: Hey Mol, hey Mike.
Molly: That's not Mike.
Victoria: Oh, I'm sorry. I just saw a chubby hand holding a remote.

It's Valentine's Day. The city is filled with jilted jumpers. You're lucky you got your own ledge!

Carl [to Jumper]