Mike & Molly Season 3

"Windy City"

When things go badly between Peggy and Patrick, Mike and Molly end up in the middle.

"School Recital"

Molly is oblivious when another teacher hits on her while Mike gets involved in a money making scheme on Mike & Molly.

"Molly's Out of Town"

When Molly heads out of town for a teacher's conference, Mike backslides and turns to food for solace on Mike & Molly.

"Mike Can't Read"

Mike tries to convince everyone that there is nothing wrong with his vision on Mike & Molly.

"Party Planners"

Mike's hopes for his birthday are dashed when planning his party drives a further wedge between his wife and his mother on Mike & Molly.

"Spring Break"

Molly heads off on a Spring Break vacation with Victoria and her friends while Mike tries to get more overtime out of the Captain on Mike & Molly.

"St. Patrick's Day"

Molly brags about her previous St. Patrick's Day antics to Mike while Carl and Samuel hope to have some luck with the ladies this holiday on Mike & Molly.

"Molly's New Shoes"

Molly ends up on a shopping spree after having an argument with Mike at the mall on Mike & Molly.

"Mike the Tease"

Mike visits a fertility clinic when he worries that his swimmers aren't up to the task of starting a family on Mike & Molly.

"The Princess and the Troll"

On Mike & Molly, the couple encourage Harry to ask Victoria out for Valentine's Day and to everyone's surprise, she accepts.

"Carl Gets a Roommate"

On Mike & Molly, Mike plans construction work on the house while Samuel moves in with Carl.

"Molly's Birthday"

Things go awry when Mike eats some tainted gelato while planning Molly's birthday party on Mike & Molly.

"Fish For Breakfast"

Molly tries to make a healthy breakfast of fish for her and Mike. Carl moves in after his grandma kicks him out on Mike & Molly.

"Karaoke Christmas"

Mike & Molly celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

"Mike Takes a Test"

The stress of readying for the detectives exam takes its toll on Mike & Molly.

"Mike Likes Briefs"

Mike asks Carl and Samuel for advice when Molly fails to get pregnant after weeks of trying on Mike & Molly.

"Thanksgiving Is Cancelled"

Molly thinks she's off the hook when Mike falls ill but Vince invites his brother over for a home cooked Thanksgiving meal on Mike & Molly.

"Yard Sale"

On Mike & Molly, when the house starts to feel crowded Molly decides to hold a yard sale and the guys take Carl fishing to help him get over his breakup.

"Mike's Boss"

Mike's boss asks Mike to help set him up on a date...with Mike's mother when Gerald McRaney guests stars on Mike & Molly.

"Molly In the Middle"

On Mike & Molly, the newlyweds talk about whether it's the right time to start a family and Carl isn't comfortable when he finds out that Molly and Christina are still friends.

"Mike Likes Cake"

Molly is unhappy with her wedding photos and Carl isn't happy when Christina's ex reenters the picture on Mike & Molly.

"Vince Takes a Bath"

Mike & Molly are forced to take care of Vince when Joyce disappears after he suffers a back injury.

"The Honeymoon Is Over"

On the season opener of Mike & Molly, Molly wonders how their friends did while they were on their honeymoon and Mike wants to make some life altering changes.

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