Watch Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 3 Online, as the show rewinds to the time right after the hack and explains what Tyrell Wellick has been up to.

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Watch Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 3 Online and see what Tyrell Wellick experienced in the time between the Five-Nine hack and shooting Elliot. Meanwhile, we learn more about Irving's involvement, Whiterose's manipulations, and a Dark Army ally in the FBI itself.

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On Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 3, former E Corp interim CTO, Tyrell Wellick, resurfaces with the message, "ive been gone for a while. its time for an AMA!"

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Mr. Robot
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Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

You might just be the perfect type of crazy to protect me... from me.

Mr. Robot [to Tyrell]

It's almost as if something has come alive.