For God, Home and Country - Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 8
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Women run down the highway carrying torches, signifying the beginning of the National Women's Conference . 

It is November of 1977, and there are still three states missing to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. 

Alice and Pamela are driving to Houston instead of flying. During the trip, Alice practices her speech for the conference floor.

They get lost until they find the group of women running with torches, so Alice and Pamela follow them.

When they finally make it to the hotel, it is overbooked, despite having a reservation. Alice and Pamela meet Rosemary, and Rosemary suggests to freshen up in the public restroom.

Alice is upset at Pamela because she was the one who insisted they could not fly. Pamela tearily admits she kept the National Women's Conference a secret from her husband, Kevin. Alice comforts Pamela.

Eventually, Alice and Pamela secure a hotel room that they will share with other people. They realize Gloria Steinem is staying on the same floor as them.

Alice and Pamela discover that they are sharing a room with Audrey and her daughter. Audrey is a Republican feminist.

Alice does not sleep well, but Pamela does. 

The next day, Rosemary delegates the floor speech on the extension amendment of the ERA to Anne, and Alice is upset because Phyllis supposedly delegated it to her. Rosemary agrees to let Alice give the speech.

Since Alice is giving the speech, she goes in front of a camera to do an interview. The journalist asks her a question she did not expect, and Alice messes up, embarrassing Stop ERA.

After the interview, Rosemary gets mad at Alice, and Alice reluctantly delegates the speech to Anne. Alice went back to the hotel room and watched the extension amendment vote on television. They lose, and Alice cries. Alice decides to go out for a drink.

While having a cocktail, a woman sits down next to Alice. They bond over Christianity and similar childhood experiences. The woman mentions that she's a part of the National Organization for Women, a feminist organization. Alice feels betrayed, she angrily leaves.

Alice calls her mother using a payphone to check on Thanksgiving preparation. She lies to her mother about how the Conference is going. The alcohol gets to Alice, and she hangs up on her mind. 

Alice runs into Rosemary, looking for Pamela. She can't find her, so Alice wanders the convention aimlessly. She runs into different activities hosted by feminists, including a feminist prayer service. She gets consecrated by a female priest.

Alice goes to the gay lounge to get food because it is the only open place left with some. Flo Kennedy is there.

Eventually, they start singing "This Land is Your Land," and Alice enthusiastically joins in. After the song, Flo tells Alice that Woody Guthrie, the person who wrote the song, was a socialist. The song is Marxist. Alice is shocked.

Alice passes by Midge, talking to a group of women. Midge is expressing her frustration with the women of Stop ERA. 

Finally, Alice goes back to the hotel room. Pamela is outside waiting for her, and they argue.

Gloria Steinem is invited by Audrey to their room to discuss a resolution they're going to present on the floor. Gloria notices Alice's anti-ERA pin, but is very sweet to Alice, anyway. Alice listens to their conversation.

Overnight, Alice has a dream about Phyllis storming her hotel room, pinning her down, and calling her a reject repeatedly. When Alice wakes up, she realizes she is late and rushes to get ready.

When she makes it to the Stop ERA meeting, Rosemary is discussing the plans for the day, which include attending Phyllis's anti-NWC rally. Alice expresses opposition to the way they're protesting feminists. Everyone ignores her.

Meanwhile, Phyllis arrives at the rally location, and waits for buses of protestors to arrive.

At the convention, the Stop ERA women present their anti-abortion sentiments. The conference votes on reproductive rights and lesbian rights.

Finally, they vote on the minority resolution that Alice heard about the previous evening. Alice and Pamela stand up to vote for it. 

The Stop ERA women leave the Conference, as everyone else sings, "We Shall Overcome." 

They meet Phyllis at the rally. Alice lies to her about running into Gloria. The rally begins. 

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Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Flo: You've got a beautiful voice.
Alice: That's our favorite song at home. I learned it with all my kids when they were in school.
Flo: Woody Guthrie wrote it.
Alice: Oh, he's a poet.
Flo: He's a socialist.
Alice: Come on, don't be ridiculous.
Flo: You were up there belting out a Marxist song.
Alice: No, no, no. It's patriotic!
Flo: Exactly.

Alice: You're a woman. You can't consecrate the eucharist.
Nun: I've always said, women can do whatever they want, Alice.