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The NCIS team investigates a home invasion that ends with the murder of the wife of a Navy commander. With the help of NOPD, they connect the incident to a string of burglaries, though none had resulted in deaths.

Using the commander's stolen laptop's GPS, they discover the laptop in a car belonging to Danny, the young man that Loretta Wade is fostering. He denies any knowledge of how it got there, though he does confess to hanging out with friends from his old neighborhood.

They connect him to the son of the master-at-arms who was the first responder. They discover that the kid, Alonzo, has given away much of the stolen loot as Christmas presents. Danny eventually tells the team where they can find Alonzo.

As they reach Alonzo's location, they hear a gunshot and discover that the stepdaughter of the original victim has shot Alonzo.

She confesses to being part of the burglary ring, but states that she was pressured into it and that Alonzo was the ringleader, and that Alonzo was the one who killed her stepmother.

Danny contradicts her, and her story soon unravels. She was the ringleader, and she killed her stepmother in cold blood because she believed that she was coming between the girl and her father.

Afterwards, the team celebrates Christmas together, and Sonja Percy sings a song as Pride's Christmas present.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Danny: I see how it is. Once a gangster, always a gangster, right?
Loretta: Don't you ever play that card with me. I'll come back later when you stop feeling sorry for yourself.

LaSalle: Meredith Brody, meet Donna Clark, NOPD. Old friend of me an' Pride.
Donna Clark: "Friend"'s a strong word, Christopher. [to Brody] I always liked King, I *tolerated* him.
Brody: I know what you mean. Nice meeting you!