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-Dani suspects TK of being hooked on pain killers. The Hawks test the entire team but TK's test comes back clean.

-When Dani still thinks TK is using, Nico breaks into his home and finds multiple bottles of pain killer and vials of liquid meant to flush his system so that he'll test negative.

-Dani treats a gamer who is so addicted to the video game that he collapses due to exhaustion.

-Dani realizes that he's not addicted to the game but to his avatar.  He has a body image disorder and hates the way he looks so he hides in the game world.  Dani says he needs treatment and medication.

-Damon Razor has to face the press about his identity theft. He also witnesses TK popping pills.  He decides this isn't the life for him. He quits football and decides to go to law school.

-Jeanette stresses out over having to wear maternity clothes and wonders if her boyfriend will still want her.

-Matt and Dani decide it is time to break up for good.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Dani: Who loves the shopping?
Jeanette: It's the only sport I'm really good at.

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