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On this week's episode...

- Division is checking out information on a woman named Jill Morelli, a journalist who tracks government experiments on a blog. Jill has a source who can provide video of black helicopters landing at a crash site that contained loads and loads of cocaine.

- Nikita saves Jill’s life after Division frames her for murder and threatens to send her to prison forever unless she gives them the helicopter footage.

- Percy meets with the CEO of Air America, who paid Division to clean up after the plane crash. The CEO tells Percy that the job wasn’t done right since evidence of black helicopters is in someone’s hands.

- Percy tells the CEO not to let their deal leak out from the company again and the CEO assures him that it is someone in Division letting the information leak. Queue the curiosity of who it could be? Hmmm.

- While we find out Nikita reads Jill’s blog, and is trying to figure out what exactly Divison is after, Division is setting up a warrant for Jill’s arrest, saying she murdered her editor and is “armed and dangerous."

- Jill was contacted by an unnamed, unreachable source, who wants her to drive to Virginia to pick up the footage.

- Percy begins to consider a leak in Division.

- Nikita sets up a call-forwarding so Jill can speak to the source, and a meeting is set up for the next day.

- Amanda and Birkhoff meet, since Division now suspects him as the leaker since he’s the only one capable of hacking. No doubt Nikita’s plan all along. Nobody suspects Alex.

- Michael talks Percy into letting the recruits help in the case. This is Jaden and Alex’s chance to redeem themselves, with one week left of their probation.

- Jill questions Nikita of who the “commandos” aka Division is. Nikita explains that there’s no evidence of the existence of Division, and that the cocaine story will make Jill a legend.

- Thanks to Amanda’s scan of Birkhoff, we find out that Nikita planted a transmitter under one of Birkhoff’s molar caps when he was passed out.

- Alex is revealing the information of the case, without knowledge that it’s a real mission. She then finds out that it’s a real mission, and she’s in fact going against Nikita.

- Nikita and Jill find the source and see the footage of the crash and Division. Nikita has Jill upload the footage of the crash.

- Alex confuses Birkhoff and dispatches local cops to the location so Division is forced to split up. Jill surrenders and is taken away by the local police.

- Division enters the sources house and Nikita takes them down one by one, resorting to unarmed fight with Michael. She breaks her own arm, and leaves Michael unharmed.

- Alex is rewarded with a cd player and Jaden a television. They get to stay alive and at Division.

- The video gets on the news and Percy watches as one of his “clients” goes down in flames. Nikita and Alex chat and Nikita tells Alex that the mic Nikita planted in Birkhoff was discovered and they need to come up with a new solution to transmit information.

- Jill becomes famous with her footage and Nikita tells her to stop digging for more information on Division.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

The last thing we need is another recruit finding their inner-Nikita.


Percy: Well you did have a prolonged interaction with Nikita directly, following her reappearance.
Birkhoff: If by interaction you mean kidnap and torture. Dude, she pistol-whipped my face. What are we even talking about here?