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PART ONE: Cris finally gets a chance to visit Evangeline. Blair and Dorian report Addie's disappearance to the police. Michael receives probation after pleading guilty during his hearing. Gigi gives Marcie the money she received for selling the engagement ring. Meanwhile, Rex waits with bated breath for Adriana's reply to his marriage proposal. Todd and Ramsey come to the Bon Jour in an effort to pick up Marcie's trail ...

PART TWO: As a new band sets up at, Sarah meets a fan from her days as "Flash." Talia helps Dorian and Blair track down their missing loved one. Cristian begs Evangeline to give him a sign. Adriana and Rex contemplate their future as a married couple. John receives a Christmas gift that Marty ordered shortly before she died. Addie turns up at Capricorn, cheerfully chatting with members of the band.

Touched by the inscription inside her ring, Adriana thanks an uneasy Rex for the sweet sentiment. Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) asks Talia if anything could convince her to change her mind about leaving ...

... Later, Gigi is confronted by Todd and a gun-toting Ramsey ...

One Life To Live
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