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Part 1: A shaken Adriana explains to Rex why she thinks Tate may be just as racist as his late father. Starr angrily tells Cole he'll be to blame if her dad doesn't make it home alive. Revealing how Miles threatened to send Marty to prison if he didn't keep mum, Cole begs Starr to forgive him that one moment of weakness. Inside his jail cell, Miles continues to be haunted by Spencer's ghost. Blair and John search through the woods for any trace of Todd. Starr icily informs Cole she hates him and never wants to lay eyes on him again.

Part 2: Unaware that Tate is listening from his hiding place, Layla and Vincent discuss how the members of One Pure People have destroyed so many lives. "Spencer" reminds a gloomy Miles how Todd is the cause of all his troubles. Adriana apologizes to Rex for mistrusting him. Blair gets a call from Todd, who only manages to speak her name before Hunter intervenes and hangs up the phone. Rex cautions Adriana to make sure that she and Layla keep Tate at a safe distance from now on.

Part 3: At the roadside motel, Hunter pours booze all over his unconscious prisoner and instructs a female associate to take over. Later, Blair and John find a woman in bed with Todd.

One Life To Live
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