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Sarah plays some of the records she inherited from her great-grandfather. Clint tells Nora (Hillary B. Smith) why he broke things off with Dorian. Antonio hesitantly reveals to a surprised Talia how he spent time in prison for murder.

In Paris, Tex., Viki and Charlie wonder what the future holds. Anticipating a DNA test once he stakes his claim as the long-lost Buchanan, Jared slyly manages to snatch a nice lock of hair from David's head.

Cris admits to Sarah how much he missed her.

Charlie tells Viki he wants the chance to apologize for years of drunken neglect. Later, Charlie is excited to obtain a lead from his investigator. David decides to head back to look for Dorian.

Nora convinces Clint to stay on at the mansion with her. Sarah closely observes Cris' reaction to Layla's talk of her holiday visit with Evangeline (Renee Goldsberry). Charlie stumbles upon the injured Dorian.

Talia plants a smoldering kiss on Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes).

One Life To Live
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