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PART I: Todd (Trevor St. John) smirks as Michael is arrested on perjury charges. At the Bon Jour Cafe in Paris, Texas, Viki continues to enjoy her new life slinging hash. Lonely for Asa, Renee sifts through the old Buchanan family photo albums. Langston (Brittany Underwood) slips out of the group home and heads to her old school, where she tells Starr, Cole and Markko she's decided to run away.

PART II: Meanwhile, Dorian urges a reluctant Blair to become Langston's foster mom. Viki offers Gigi some motherly advice when the young waitress admits to enduring some problems at home. Nash and Jessica host a Halloween party for a mob of howling toddlers as the next phase in their scheme to drive Jared from their home. Ms. Woodrow comes to La Boulet with news of Langston's disappearance. Clint explains to Renee how Asa (Phil Carey) arranged for the reading of his will to take place at his ranch.

PART III: Starr convinces her best friend to come home with her. Michael privately implores John to let Marcie go free once Tommy has been recovered. Viki gently reminds Gigi that money isn't the answer to everything life throws at her. As Starr and Dorian argue, Blair (Kassie DePaiva) suddenly volunteers to take Langston in. After Michael is led away to jail, Todd and John begin their search. Nigel watches as Jared drops by to ply his charm on a beaming Renee. Later, Renee impulsively invites Jared to move in.

One Life To Live
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