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Part One

Rex suggests to Adriana that they move in together.

Roxy triumphantly informs Marcie she's found a way to get Lindsay off the hook for murdering Spencer. At the precinct house, John warns his alarmed brother that Todd knows the truth about Tommy. Meanwhile, from his jail cell, Todd rattles Lindsay with his vow to reclaim his son from the McBains.

Part Two

Shaun becomes a third wheel when Vincent and Layla hope to spend some quality time alone. John reminds Michael how they only have a small window of time left in which to break some bad news to Marcie. Across town, Miles confides to a shocked Natalie that Todd's long-lost boy is actually the child Marcie and Michael have been raising as their own.

Part Three

Vincent (Tobias Truvillion) balks at giving Shaun the heave-ho despite his eagerness to have Layla all to himself. Lindsay tries to convince Todd he's fallen for another of Dr. Truman's terrible tricks. As Michael tearfully wonders how he can rip Tommy from his wife's arms, John offers to take that burden from his brother and do the deed himself. Adriana displays little enthusiasm for shacking up with Rex, who's stung by her negative reaction.

Part Four

John advises Michael to pretend that he's learning the truth of Tommy's origins at the same moment Marcie hears it. Lindsay threatens to spill a nasty secret to young Jack unless Todd backs down. Adriana explains to Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) why she doesn't want to jeopardize their relationship but he finally persuades her to give cohabitation a try. Todd counters Lindsay's threat with a chilling warning of his own.

One Life To Live
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