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Sarah lays into Cristian for throwing away their love. He denies this has anything to do with love.

Doubting that he can protect them from the threat of death, Sarah tells him that he has made his decision and points out he has no idea how long the marriage will last.

When he asks if their relationship is over, she sends him to his bride.

Vanessa gives Lola an heirloom her grandmother once owned and warns that the wedding is not a certainty. Langston and Markko accompany them to the courthouse for the impromptu ceremony.

Sarah confronts Vanessa in the bathroom and vows that she will have Cristian in spite of the wedding. Later, she acts as a witness so the wedding can take place.

Tea forces Marty to testify that she did develop feelings for Todd while she was with him and then asks her if she was in love with him when they had sex.

Nora objects and points out that Marty was suffering from amnesia and couldn't give her consent to sex.

Tea responds by pointing out Nora's own troubled past when it comes to relationships. Todd tries to stop Tea's badgering but she continues, pressing Marty about her knowledge about her past.

Tea becomes hysterical as she presses Marty to confirm she wanted Todd to make love to her. Crying, Marty insists she "didn't know."

Tea asks the judge to drop the rape charge and grant him bail. Cole stands and threatens to kill Todd if he's released.

Later, Tea calls John to the stand. Imploring her for one of the two Z-box games she just bought, Rex explains to Dorian how he wants to make it a happy Christmas for Shane.

Refusing to help, she laughs at the idea that he wants to keep a promise to the boy and wonders aloud why it's her business to make his family happy.

She then lashes out at him for hurting Adriana. Later, Rex considers stealing a Z- box.

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