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Dr. Joplin tells Blair, Marcie, Dorian, Michael and Starr that she is to blame for the baby's death. When she claims she made a wrong assumption about the baby's RH, Dorian raises her voice in outrage.

Mentioning her own son, the doctor urges Starr not to blame herself for anything that happened. At St. Anne's, Jessica asks Dr. Levin for help retrieving the last four months of her life.

He explains that his role is to get her successfully integrated so that she can go home to her family. When he mentions her husband's death, she admits that she blames Natalie and Jared.

He responds that it's this anger she needs to control.

The doctor uses hypnotherapy and brings out Bess who insists she's protecting Jessica from Tess. Levin demands to speak to Tess who emerges and asks who is going to tell Jessica she has the wrong baby.

Viki confronts Todd in his hospital room and seeks an answer for the pain he has caused. He denies that he knew what Tess was doing to Jessica and points out that Jessica is "back."

Viki then asks him about Marty and what he's done to her. Todd insists he loves Marty but when she reminds him he raped her, Todd rips off his bandage to reveal the hideous scar on his face.

Viki leaves, telling Todd she'll never forgive him. Starr brings her flowers and sees Chloe. With Marty by her side, Nora seeks John's help in putting together a case against Todd.

Marty reveals that Todd paid Janet to be her confidant and that Tess was at the house and knew what was going on with her. After Nora leaves, Marty and John have breakfast together and as they laugh, Blair spots them.

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